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    Waiting approval from Exchange since two months ago

    Manovi Level 1



      I am another user waiting for the approval of a submission on Exchange. Posted at the begininning of June, I thing 2 months are plenty of tipe to accept it. The sumbission is a new swf Metadata panel for Expression Media 2, compatible with CS5 suite panel interface. I think should be quite usefule, as the CS4 release has been downloaded more than 500 times.


      Anyone had more luck to contact Adobe for approval times on Exchange? May be that approval is lenghty because is a panel about other brand metadata product? Previous CS4 release was approved in a month or so.


      I will try to post on Exchange for Flesh/Flex area, hoping it will have more vibility by Adobe staff.


      Thank You to anyone can give me a hint or help!


      Massimo Novi