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    AS 3.0 is sooo unforgiving!

    Beatie3 Level 1
      Just so Adobe knows, I'm really really not happy with them! AS 3.0 is sooo not intuitive and sooo hard to use when you've got some idea of AS 2.0, but you're not a programmer. Why buy out Macromedia for their best product and then screw over the users of that product? I'm at a loss.

      I'm trying to transfer AS 2.0 code over to AS 3.0 because the project I'm on needs the ability to import uploaded image files at the highest quality possible, which I've been led to believe is possible with AS 3.0. I've taken it to my bosses and they've agreed to upgrade me to Flash CS3 and now I'm finding it impossible to get the simplest little functions I had working perfectly in AS2.0 to run in AS3.0. I'm no programmer, but AS2.0 would forgive me for that, work out what I meant and do what I wanted it to do. AS3.0 makes no attempt to interpret my meaning and just falls down and lies there with it's arms flayling about telling me I'm an idiot. It's not making me happy, Adobe. It's making me very very angry!

      Here's a simple little button event I'm trying to transfer across. I would be most grateful for any assistance with this and pointers on where to find a solution to the opacity of this new version of ActionScript.