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    cant refresh project's swf whilst run or debug.



      Got a project. Actually working with papervision3d library, so having actionscript project and all works just fine, but if i change small portion of a code, after running project or debbuging it old version appears, so i can not see changes i made. I.e. got a line of code: dae.yaw(2); which just revolves an object with 2 degrees on Y axis, and if i comment out this line and try: dae.roll(2); which just makes the same with the object but by the X axis, nothing happens, after running project i still get Y axis rotation and so on... Sometimes saving project(which btw. automatically is saved when debug ) or making more changes in the code procceed to get the new result in the flash player. I am really upset with this.This really confuse my work with flex. Could it be a flex issue or flash player which i have latest version of debugger installed. BTW theres no difference between running a project in standalone flash version or in the browser (firefox or IE)...blah. I am really gonna to broke the keys on the wall as in good old movie with the corporate guy killing his PC

      Any idea:?

      //PC win7 64bit GT220 8GB 4x3.2GHz