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    Feedback on ACR


      Providing Feedback


      I have the new ACR and I have found a few problems. The most common problem is a failure

      to detect the camera and lens combination even when it is available in the list.

      For example, I have shot with a Canon 40D and a 70-200mm f4L.  Sometimes

      ACR tries to provide the lens but it comes up as 70-200mm f2.8L.  Sometimes

      just selecting "enable"  brings in all of the lens detail---but often incorrect. At other

      times, I have to select manually. The lens information is always available to ACR.

      The more similar lens choices presented, the less likely ACR will find a match. For example,

      there are quite a few 70-200 lens options to choose from---some differeing only in IS others

      in focal range or f stops.


      Hope this information is helpful.

      Paul Raffeld