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    Adobe Reader 9 security


      Ok Ive been working on a document as a freelancer and halfway through working I installed the new Adobe Reader 9. However now the security on the document has changed and I am not allowed to comment or anything any more on the document, which was allowed before. Why has this changed and how can I regain access to the document? This is now causing problems in my work and is delaying me.


      Here is a screen shot of the document security. Why is the document security and document restrictions summary different?



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          A user is able to apply comments on a PDF using a free Adobe Reader because the author of the PDF document "Reader Enabled" the PDF using another Adobe paid service.


          Looks like there is an incompatibility in the document permission settings when you switched from a lower Adobe Reader version to Adobe Reader9. [Is the document being used by you created quite some time back? Which reader version were you on before you switched to Adobe Reader9?]. This may happen because of some inherent incompatibility between older-new application. Besides, that might not necessarily be a problem just the result of applications getting more secure as they move forward


          Is it possible for you to share this document for a closer look?


          Another possible way out is if you could get hold of a more recent version of the PDF document floated by the author who could perhaps "reader enable & secure the PDF" using a more recent Adobe Acrobat version?