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    Using the InDesign COM object in .NET -- Documentation?


      Please forgive me for any uneducated questions.  I have no experience in using Adobe products (like InDesign and Illustrator).  I leave that for the design department.  :)


      I have been reading and researching for over 10 hours, and I still haven't found much information.


      I'm developing a website that allows our customers to send us a multitude of file types, including .ai, .indd, .psd, .pdf, and .eps.  We would like to be able to create a thumbnail out of the uploaded file.


      I think I might be able to accomplish this by using the COM object created by InDesign (the .tlb file).  So far, I have successfully added it to my project, and using a few lines of code, I was able to open an .indd file, and export it to a .pdf.  However, there are some issues:


      1. Does it really have to open the application every time?  If we're running this on a server (webserver or other), this doesn't seem to be an efficient method.
      2. The test files I have used immediately open a message box referring to updating links.  It includes an 'OK' button.  Without manual intervention to click 'OK', the process halts.  Again, not efficient.
      3. I've read about 'placing' .ai files in an .indd.  If we can use the InDesign COM object, can we use it to export an .ai to a .pdf/.jpg, even if it means placing it on an .indd?  (In essence, I'd love to find one Adobe product that can handle all of the file types listed above.)
      4. Is there any documentation on all of the properties/functions of the COM object?
      5. Perhaps a script would handle this better?
      6. What exactly *IS* InDesign server?  Would this be a better option (especially if it handles issues 1-3).


      Thanks in advance for any information.  My brain hurts severely from information overload.