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    Resource Bundles wont compile

      I am trying my hardest to get a resource bundle to compile into an swf file so that i can ship it with my application however it seems impossible!
      Even after following all the instructions and searching everywhere i still cant do it.

      my command line looks as follows
      mxmlc -locale=ch_CH -source-path=locale/{locale} -allow-source-path-overlap=true -include-resource-bundles=chinese -output=Resources_ch_CH.swf

      But i get the error saying

      unknown configuration variable 'include-resource-bundles'

      if i change that line to not use a ' - ' so it then reads include-resource-bundles..

      i then get the error

      unable to open 'include-resource-bundles=chinese'

      Any help any what so ever would be much much appreciated