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    adding captivate "slides" to presenter


      I have a presentation created in captivate. I would like to add each of the slides from captivate to a corresponding slide in PowerPoint and publish. I want to do this because I like the sidebar and other features that presenter offers.


      I first publish my captivate file, then I go into PowerPoint and use the swf insert function. I only see one file, with the first "slide".  how do I get a file that would correspond to each of the captivate slides?


      the other way to do this if there was a way to have the same side bar features in captivate as their is with presenter, but I don't think there is.


      Captivate V 5

      Presenter V 7.

      windows 7

      PowerPoint 2007



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          A Captivate project, by default, creates a consolidated SWF file; so taking  your question a bit further, in order to have separate SWFs on the same number  of slides in Presenter, you'd have to have the same number of independant SWF  files from Captivate to begin with.


          However, there's actually a much bigger challenge here, and that has to do  with the integration of Captivate 5 files w/ Presenter.  Without getting  technical here, the bottom line is that inserting Cp5 files into the current  version of Adobe Presenter will not work or operate properly.  This has to do  with a "programming mismatch" between the two software applications.


          My best recommendation is to link out to your Captivate content from a slide  in PowerPoint.  Paresh at Adobe put together a brief tutorial on this: https://admin.adobe.acrobat.com/_a295153/presenterhyperlinks/


          So in order to have separate Captivate SWFs across a number of slides in  Presenter, you're probably looking at splitting up your Captivate project into a  number of smaller "units" and then linking to each unit from a slide in  PowerPoint.  Not ideal, I know, but until Presenter undergoes a  revision/release/upgrade, there's not much better news here.