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    Titles created in Premiere look blurry... imported Photoshop titles look perfect

    Peter J Kovacs Level 2

      Did anybody notice that when creating titles in CS5 the text looks blurry? It's extra blurry when the title is overlapping another layer. You can really notice this if the title is half overlapping another layer. This was not an issue in CS4.


      I did a test and imported a title I created in Photoshop (using same font settings) and it looks perfect and sharp when put beside the premiere created title but still have a slight blur when overlapping another layer (look closely at the "P" and "H").


      Here's a screenshot I took from Premiere CS5:


      The next screenshot below is the same project loaded in Premiere CS4. It too is a little blurry but doesn't suffer that extra blur when overlapping another layer:


      The titles really look like crap if blown up much bigger, especially if the video is perfectly sharp and you have blurry titles on top of it. Very amature looking.


      Does anybody know if there's a fix for this or maybe it's a problem on my end??