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    LCDS - DataService initialization

      It looks like there were some changes made related to DataService initialization in LCDS. I used to get an error in FDS when I try to initialize a DataService with a destination that doesn't exists but LCDS doesn't throw any error even though destination is not defined in the config. file.

      In LCDS, connection is created as needed by any method call. I am trying to initialize DataService forcefully when I define DataService to make sure I get an error if destination doesn't exist. It looks like LCDS binaries are missing the initialize method in the DataService class even though API says there is an initialize method in DataService class.

      Am I missing anything?

      Refer http://livedocs.adobe.com/livecycle/es/sdkHelp/common/langref/mx/data/DataService.html#ini tialize()
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          Mete Atamel Level 1
          Since LCDS 2.5, there's definitely an initialize method in DataService with the following signature:

          public void initialize(String id, ConfigMap properties)

          You must be using old jars somewhere?
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            Level 7
            In LCDS 2.5 there's now the concept of custom "runtime" configuration
            where by you can create special bootstrap services on the server that
            will register new destinations with DataService (or any other service).
            Perhaps the client can no longer error out if it doesn't find a
            destination configuration as it may have to wait for the dynamic
            configuration to be returned from the server on the first connect?