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    Full Motion Recording


      Is full motion recording an accurate method for recording software application interactions?

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          Please mention the version of CP you are using, and be a little bit more elaborate in your questions.


          Personally I never use Full Motion Recording and have done quite a lot of software tutorials since years. There are several reasons for my choice:

          • editing of FMR is much more limited than editing of static slides
          • quality of FMR to be acceptable you have to use 32-bit which lead to big filesizes
          • interaction is not possible, and after several surveys with the users of my tutorials I concluded that interaction is really needed


          I will however insert small FMR-clips in the tutorials, whenever necessary. Those are the moments that are also choosen when you capture in Automatic mode: for drag-and-drop and mouse wheel actions. You can also force a FMR during capture by using the shortcut keys F9 (switch to FMR) and F10 (stop FMR and go back to normal recording mode).



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            dorismaep Level 1

              I am using CP4. Thanks for the feedback. I am new to the forum. I just joined on yesterday.