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    Viewing M2T files with PE7


      Greetings -

      I am trying for the first time to work with some HD video and am having many problems.

      The first is this:  I can import the files into Photoshop Elements 7 organizer just fine....but I never get a real image clip generated as a thumbnail....I just get the video icon.  When I double click on one of the clips, a full screen viewer comes up, but there is no image in it.  I can slide along the slider bar at the bottom of the viewer and it changes the little number on the bottom that indicates the number of seconds into the video you are, but I still see no video.  Pressing play doesn't do anything.

      I can also select the files and send them over to Priemiere Elements.  When they get there, I can see the clip in the upper left hand viewer (though it's quite jerky when I press play).  The video clips also have images in them as they sit in the timeline.  However, if I double click one of the clips in the timeline thereby bringing up a little "preview" window - that window also is just blank just like in Photoshop Elements.

      I'm having other problems spitting this stuff out to a disk......but one thing at a time.....

      Thanks for your help

      Mike Hubbard