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    hittest for complex objects

    Shad0wdrag0n Level 1

      I have a border MC that surrounds the stage and sometimes protrudes into the stage. Another MC can be moved around within the border using the arrow keys. I've set up a hittest so that the movable MC can't cross any part of the border. I tried making another MC that is a hollow S-shape that spins. The movable MC is supposed to be able to go through the S-shaped MC without hitting the edges. Instead of registering the actual S-shape like it does with the border, the hittest registers the edge of the MC the S-shape is in. This means that even if the movable MC doesn't touch the sides of the S-shape it still registers a hit. So, how come the hittest works with complex objects being used as a border, but not ones in the middle of the stage?