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    javascript: set or get caret position in textarea -not in IE?

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      Hi all

      another javascript question...
      I'm using a javascript function that gets the caret position (the cursor position) in the textarea,
      and stores it when the textarea gets out of focus, so that text can be inserted by clicking on a
      button, where the caret was previously in the textarea.
      I suppose many cms or html editors do that successfully somehow.

      But my function works in all browsers BUT IE.
      I remember giving up with the same problem years ago after I found documentation on how impossible
      or unreliable it was to make this work in IE.

      But I thought times had changed, and IE7 would improve on that matter.

      Apparently not?
      I found many that claim to work in all browsers, but the one I choose to use obviously does not...

      So do you guys know a script that does that and WORKS with IE?

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