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    Adding variables

    Damon Edwards Level 3
      im making this, sort of preloader, more to show the user the progress. In the site i'm building, you can't progress to the next section until 22 images load using MovieClipLoader class.. when each loads I have it sending out a global variable that equals true.. as of now im using an if statement inside an interval to check to see if all the varibales = true so it will advance. it works fine, I just want to be able to show the user the progress... So I'm collecting those variables and pushing them into an array, and trying to add all the trues. basically I'll have a bar that will gotoAndStop to the amount of trues. so if there are 2 trues, the bar will be on frame 2, if there are 15 trues, then it will be on frame 15, and so on.. The problem i'm having is getting the trues to represent a Number and adding them up to use in gotoAndStop. AS2.