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    Audio Imported from PowerPoint Doesn't Appear in Audio Editor


      When I import a PowerPoint with audio into Captivate 4, the audio gets imported, but it doesn't show up in the audio editor. In other words, the audio will play when I publish the presentation, but the audio editor says there is no audio for any of the slides. Not only is this weird, it means that closed captioning won't work. Any suggestions, other than stripping audio from the PowerPoint and importing the audio into Captivate?

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          There are different ways you can add audio to PowerPoint presentation inside PowerPoint. If you have recorded narration on every slide, (observe if sound icon appears in bottom right of the ppt slide), only then the audio gets imported in Captivate as a seperate slide audio file. Else it gets embedded in the swf which gets generated for every ppt slide.


          Only Solution I can see is -

          - Record narration once again in PowerPoint. (you can use rehearse timing functionality to record narration for entire ppt project). Then import the ppt in Captivate.