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    Laptop/portable to convert/stream MP4 - Realtime.


      Ok, so here is the deal.... I have just finished talking to a guy about a proposal which requires the following:


      1) 2 -3 camera shoot

      2) live mixed

      3) then run into the computer to be encoded and streamed via mp4 1M/bit satellite feed


      (See cheesey diagram for setup)


      sat dish.gif



      The computer I need for this will need to be portable (laptop prefered) as it will need to go to several different sites within the country. It will also need to be able to injest SD footage and output MP4 in realtime.


      My questions are:

      Is this processing power possible in a laptop or would I need an external real-time encoder?

      Can Premiere CS5 stream an output or will I need another program?


      Is anyone out there doing this or know how this could best be achived?



      Thanks in advance (I will be away for a couple of days but will try to get on when I can to check this forum)