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    Lightroom 3.2 and facebook export

    claudioso Level 1

      goodmorning everybody !


      i hope someone can help me. First of all sorry for my english


      so ...

      i have a problem exporting photos to Facebook.

      i had authorized Lightroom on facebook. Back to Lightroom and i see that i can't choose any album or create one


      I don't know really where to look to solve the problem


      any help ?



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          dorin_nicolaescu Level 5

          Try right-clicking the Facebook service and choosing Edit Settings. You can choose an album there.

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            claudioso Level 1

            unfortunately the album field is not selectable

            don't know why

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              dorin_nicolaescu Level 5

              It is only selectable the first time you set up a Facebook publish service. Once it's saved, the album cannot be changes.


              You can set up a new Facebook service. Right-click Facebook and choose Create Another Service using Facebook. There you can choose another album and click save.

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                HPaton Level 1

                Thanks Dorin, I was stuck on this same problem so I appreciate your solution very much. At the same time I find it very odd that the plug-in is designed this way -- that it must be created from scratch more or less for each album. That means, over time, I could have a slew of Facebook publishing icons stacked like cord wood on the left side module. That just seems very redundant and very odd -- it seems from looking that the INTENDED functionality is to let users select from exisiting albums or create new albums each time, from a single "publishing service" (more like the Flickr uploader.) Do you think this need to recreate the service for each album is a bug or by design? Is there no other way around this?


                Again, thank you because at least I was able to create a new album with your help.

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                  vdotmatrix Level 1

                  I have used LR on my copute since version 1.0; I have used 3.0 on thousands of images without a hiccup.


                  Today, I got a notification that 3.2 was available so I updated....that was 6 and a half hours ago.


                  The program opens in 3.2 but as soon as I click on FACEBOOK or to setup the FACEBOOK export or even just try and EXPORT ANYTHING,  Lightroom LOCKS UP/CRASHES.


                  I have to CTRL ALT DEL to get out.


                  I have already uninstalled lightroom once and am getting ready to do it again to get back to 3.0.


                  ANY IDEAS?

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                    dennsity Level 1

                    No ideas on that, but I wanted to add my issue to the thread, since it sounds lie a similar one.


                    I'm on the Mac version, and when I try to set up the Facebook service Lightroom opens my browser (Firefox) and begins to open an infinite number of empty tabs. It never actually gets to the Facebook authorization, and will open empty tabs endlessly until I close--and sometimes force close--my browser.


                    LR does not crash, but the plug-in is clearly flawed.



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                      djl_sa Level 1

                      I have to agree that not being able to select or create an album is not very useful. I already have the jr Facebook plugin which can do this so I don't see the point of using the plugin from Adobe if it can't even do this????

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                        vdotmatrix Level 1

                        STUPIDITY STRIKES AGAIN:    

                        i discovered what was happening and I apologize for bothering everyone.....at least part of the problem was the following:


                        I have dual monitors. I had the right one turned off.


                        when I would click on export, the hidden window would appear but i couldn't see it.


                        of course it would appear to anyone that the program had locked up...



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                          vdotmatrix Level 1

                          The FJ modules work so much better, but it is a complicated mess to use the PUBLISH module. The LR facebook module won't behave for me so I simply used the FJ through the export module and it works like a dream!

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                            RussellBrown Level 1

                            I am also using LR3.2 and FB on a Windows 7 PC and experienced the exact same issue. However, when I thought about how I first authorised FB account in Firefox, I remember it stating what to do with the reply, which I prompted to utilise LR3.2 64-bit. This seemed to screw it up. I managed to sort things out by relaunching LR, deleted the FB service that I had set-up, then created a new one and created a new album in FB. Now I have managed to post images and update images without any further issues so far. Rusty.

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                              DallasCounty Level 1

                              I am having the exact same problem!! I can only export to the album that I originally set up.  Surely if there is a drop down menu it wants us to be able to choose where we can put it and not limit us to only one album!  Did we install wrong? Is there a setting issue we have missed? PLEASE HELP, this plug in seems almost awesome!

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                                RussellBrown Level 1

                                My problem with the service being unavailable rectified itself the very next morning, I can only guess that FB had that service down at the time I was trying to upload.


                                For those people who believe that you can only have one album per service, this is incorrect. The tool is actually very useful and far superior to the standard FB photo upload tools. However, as a previous user of jf Facebook, I still rate jf better than the LR Facebook tool, the only issue I have with the jf tool is it's difficult for me due to problems with my PayPal account, but the tool itself is superb.


                                Anyhow, I digress, back to the point of this post, after setting up your Facebook publish service, you may create as many collections, linked to either new or existing albums as you wish under this service. During the initial setup, you select or create an album, if you go into setup again, you do not have the option of creating any further albums - this is different from the jf tool and is probably what is confusing people. To create or link to another album, simply right click on the Facebook service, select create collection, give it a name and either create a new album to link it to, or select an existing album. If you create a new album, you can set the privacy settings here also.


                                At the moment, I currently have three Facebook Publish services on my LR 3.2 setup;

                                     1. My wifes FB Collections

                                     2. My own standard non-copyright FB collections

                                     3. My own copyrighted pics collections


                                The reason for setting up the two seperate FB Publish services for myself, is that one automatically inserts a watermark into the photos (copyrighted collection), where as the other does not.


                                The tool is a good tool, however please remember, if you modify the photo within LR after uploading, when you update this photo any comments or likes that users placed within FB will be lost forever, so do try and ensure that your photos are correct prior to posting.


                                Regards Rusty

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                                  Mario Herrera Level 1

                                  Hello Rusty,


                                  I've been banging my head on the wall most of the day trying to publish a group of 13 photos from LR v3 until I saw your post...

                                  Man, you really saved my rear end today.


                                  I was supposed to publish an engagement session for a client a couple of hours ago, and I didn't want to do it from my desktop since the quality of my photos seems to really go down the tubes on FB every time I do that.


                                  Adobe LR v3 exports to FB with beautiful quality, but it just threw photos all over my FB wall and it just looked sooo tacky...


                                  Thanks for posting your solution, it worked for me.


                                  Best Regards,



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                                    RussellBrown Level 1

                                    You are welcome, glad that I could have been of some assistance.


                                    Regards Rusty

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                                      gradclif99 Level 1

                                      Hi all,


                                      Having trouble authorizing my facebook account so that I can publish via Lightroom. I watched Terry White's great video, but he just clicked a button and presto! he was connected. No such luck for me. It takes me to facebook, but then I get a screen telling me "this link needs to be opened with an application" and it wants me to choose an application (.exe). Umh, okay. I went for the obvious lightroom.exe, but no dice. Confused at this point I tried firefox.exe. This led to the million firefox tabs continual tabs opening as someone else in this thread referenced. And while this was occuring I noticed different folder being highlight in my LR catalog so I thought, okay, it's doing something. But it never seemed to stop and I can't seem to authorize my account so I don't know. And when I first tried to authorize my account tonight it was doing something different still...it was asking me to enter my "Facebook Application ID". But that no longer occurs and I'm moved on to the problem stated above. I'm frustrated and feeling like a moron. I'm usually pretty savvy with these things....really! So can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance!




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                                        RussellBrown Level 1

                                        This is similar to what happened to me the very first time I tried to set it up. It seems to me that the publishing profile in LR (on original setup) seeks the authorisation and leaves a dialogue box awaiting the user once authorisation is obtained. However, during the FB authorisation process, FB and Firefox opens a file that also wants to inform LR that it has authorised. This double approach seems to screw the whole system up.


                                        The first time, I had to manually close LR, restart then delete the FB publishing service that I had just tried to create. I now had to setup again, however this time I selected create a new album, ansuring that no selected pics would be inserted, and the process seemed to work a lot better. Once you get past the authorisation stage, the publishing service works fine, it's the initial setup which seems to drive everyone crazy - including me at the time.


                                        Please refer back to an earlier post of mine in this thread for further information.


                                        I am assuming that you have already updated firefox to the latest version.


                                        Let us know how you get on, regards Rusty

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                                          vdotmatrix Level 1

                                          ok gradcliff99, this describes my issue with lr3 export /publish module failure EXACTLY.


                                          waiting for the easter egg

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                                            gradclif99 Level 1

                                            Okay, so I tried again tonight and finally got things to work. I wish there was a big "aha!" moment, but not really. I again would get the box asking for me to choose an application. I choose Lightroom and it finally worked, but I did shutdown and restart LR a few times before the magic happened so I'm not sure of the exact order of things leading to success. I also choose "Add" and created an account description before publishing, don't think I had done that previously. Once I finally gained authorization everything worked great! Well see if it continues. I hope others find success as well and I'll be sure to post to this thread if I have any new revelations. Thanks all for the comments/help.


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                                              vdotmatrix Level 1

                                              I guess one thing that is infinitely infuriating is how can 2 giants, Lightroom and Facebook rely on serendipity to function this way in this module.


                                              I counted 250+ OPENED WINDOWS in the loop before I had to CTRL_ALT DEL the thing to stop. and the endless choose the application loop is still pretty annoying. Still sounds like chance has a lot to do with the functioning. In the menatime I am using JF's wonderful genius to help me along...


                                              I still stay behind LIGHTROOM3 and an indispensible tool.

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                                                hcsspenc Level 1

                                                After having successfully uploaded a dozen images to Facebook over three days, i am now getting this message: CryptUnprotectData.


                                                the plugin-will not let me upload. I have no problem uploading images via lightroom 3.2 to flickr.

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                                                  matteomotta Level 1

                                                  I tried what u suggest but i had always to confirm the programm using the plugin as lightroom 3.2 and the lightroom is no longer able to collect information from facebook

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                                                    adaszku Level 1

                                                    hello everybody


                                                    I had probably the same problem after changing my system from win XP to Win 7 Prof 64 and manually copying LR preferences from old system to new.

                                                    After that FB plugin show me the message: something wrong in CryptUnprotectData and autorisation with FB failed. I use jf Facebook plugin also and it works fine.

                                                    I try a warious method with deleted/reloaded/disabled and enabled FB service and they doesn't help.

                                                    Finally I deleted this section from LR preferences file:


                                                    ["pw_pw_com.adobe.lightroom.export.facebook_com.adobe.lightroom.export.facebook_1462068433 Key"] = "AQAAANCMnd8BFdERjHoAwE/Cl+sBAAAAdUMU.........qAAAABAAAADplLE740dKWYPQsWhXy6HDAAAAAASAAAC gAAAAEAAAAHcIKRNCHbMrYTlEF1NkPiNgAAAAQZXSdYJ/Rn/V/iT7f6NbYuWcXMZoF+Tsq7FYmPwa/rgeNpM0ivh0O Rw+0Cf79UJZ0iI4..........ACeA00GwYQ8ysXk/F+dL7HgW30m3",
                                                        ["pw_pw_com.adobe.lightroom.export.facebook_com.adobe.lightroom.export.facebook_146206843 3UID"] = "AQAAANCMnd8BFdERjHoAwE/Cl+sBAAAAdUMUGLoh...................gAAqAAAABAAAACQ/ZttXZ5yoLi1Tu Dl2buNAAAAAASAAACgAAAAEAAAAKgcUFBO/9CbtXTicEq9p4YQAAAAog5VGeJ+OJX77q7W7wulghQAAAAheEDhrCk2 C7mDzr99UG/AvGm/7A==",


                                                    and it help.

                                                    maybe it helps you.

                                                    LR preferences file: C:\users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Preferences (in Windows 7)

                                                    or C:\Documents and Settings\USER_NAME\Application Data\Adobe\Lightroom\Preferences\ (in Windows XP)





                                                    sorry for my english...

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                                                      jongallant Level 1

                                                      Thanks Adam.  I did exactly the same thing and your fix worked!!!

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                                                        matteomotta Level 1

                                                        I tried what adam suggest but when i try to upload some new photos it says me that i'm not authorized and i have to do again my authorization process that recreate the problem and that line in the preferences file.

                                                        I have also noted that even if it retourn me an error only the first photograph intended to be uploaded it's eventually  uploaded on facebbok

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                                                          Nile65 Level 1


                                                          I know this is an old thread, but I'm desperate..!


                                                          I followed this advice and deleted the section from the preference file. Problem was that back in Lightroom alot of things is reset and alot of pictures are missing, as if Lightroom went back to a previous state. Now I only want to put the section back in the preference file, but I don't remember where it was in the file. Can anybody help me..? I had the sense to use ctr+x, so the section is saved, but should have backed up the entire file before altering anything. Lesson learned...




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                                                            bullmoon137 Level 1

                                                            thanks jon, it worked. PITA - to find the actual solution to this - wonder what causes it?  I'm on LR4 - no real error message, just couldn't get past "Authorizing..." and nothing working.