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    Adobe Reader Not Updating


      HP AMD dual core, running XP SP3 with IE8:


      Noticed today when the Automatic Update for 9.3.4 "didn't take" that my Acrobat Reader version was still at 8.2. (dated June 30th 2010), so apparently Acrobat Reader Auto Updates had been failing since that date. I didn't notice this before because I keep this program in a "Utilities" folder on my desk top and just delete the existing link icon then move the new icon in there when it shows up. Of course today I finally saw that the new icon was really just the old version restored. Followed a few threads and saw that for the 9.3.4 you need to have 9.3.3 installed, but the link provided was an FTP site and the Windows Explorer viewing instructions gave me an "FTP site cannot be viewed in Windows Explorer" message.

      Any ideas on how to get from 8.2 to 9.3.4?

      The implication in the thread I was following appeared to be that that was how you had to get 9.3.3 now that this update was released, but I see that 9.3.3 is still the download version on this site. Do I need to remove 8.2 before attempting to install 9.3.3?

      Also just noticed this is the DLM downloader for Reader. Is there a Manual Download available?


      Thanks in advance, stillgolfing44