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    AS2 Coding Massive Favour needed!!!


      Hello all!


      I am litterly at a dead end with this project im creating. I have posted many times on this site and have received help from many people to get this working but ive still not managed to iron out the bugs properly.


      Basically I have a flash show reel in as2. There is a 'main' video and when it gets to certain points within the video 'links' appear at the top to play the full version of whats in the 'main' video.


      I have made it in a very unprofessional way - consisting of a massive timeline where the links appear at the same frame as the film is. The problem with this is that when the videos 'buffer' the timeline plays and they all become out of sync. I have created some code to make the 'scrubber' (which can be moved around the video player), related to the position in the film and on the timeline. This only 'snaps' to the right frame after it has been clicked on, however. I have tried getting cuepoints as another method to work but to no avail.


      I have 2 netstream video players that pause alternately when a link or the 'back' button is clicked.


      Basically, all i need to work now is the bloody links to appear at the right points on the video!!!!!!


      Please Please can somebody look at my code and tell me where im going wrong...and if possible add in or remove code thats conflicting. I would be very grateful as I have been trying to get this working for 5 months now!


      Heres an online version of the player; http://www.danielnwilliams.co.uk/websites/crankmedia/


      and here is the .fla file. For some reason its massive (330mb) but when exported the flv is like 24kb. What on earth am I doing wrong!? http://www.danielnwilliams.co.uk/websites/crankmedia/11-07-10-as2.fla



      Thank you guys, any help really appreciated.



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          danielnr87 Level 1

          Sorry to badger people!


          Has anyone experienced something similar to this problem before?


          To put it simply...Buttons appear at certain points in the film. They are timed with the video in frames. except they start before the video has started due to buffering. The scrubber is linked to the frame number of the swf but only seems 'snap' into it correctly once dragged around.


          Would even be willing to pay a small amount for someone to help me with this!