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    Presets For .flv Export Different in Pro CS5 vs. Elements 4

    Rich Locus Level 1


      I have been using the simple Premier Elements 4 to read in Flip Video 640X480 movies.

      When I export them, I can choose a Flash Video preset of NTSC Flash Video 7 (320 X 240).


      But, in Premier Pro CS5, that's not an option.  The closest I can come is FLV Flash Video 8 And Higher, with different dimensions:  368 X 272.  Unfortunately, the 368 X 272 will not fit in the space on my web page.  It needs to be 320 X 240.


      Does anyone know why they changed the dimensions?  I can change the preset to a lower pixel dimension, but what problems will that create?



      Rich Locus

      Logicwurks, LLC