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    cannot update, reinstall, uninstall 9.3.3 in windows 7 pro 64 bit


      Acrobat Reader 9.3.3 will not successfully complete the update to 9.3.4. It complains about not having permission for a key (error 1402). Other forum posts and Adobe knowledge base articles do not supply a solution. When I try to uninstall Reader 9 completely, Windows Explorer crashes and restarts. When I try to install the update manually, it gives Windows installer error 1719. When I try to reinstall 9.3.3, I get a Windows installer error. I can install Acrobat reader 8, but when I update it to 9, and then apply the updates for 9, I get the same errors as before. My search shows I am not the only person having this problem. Does anyone have a solution? Thank you.