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    PDF won't open in FireFox/IE on XP SP3 if Rdr9.3x and Acrobat 6.06


      I've been fighting this for a few days.  The platform is a windows XP SP3 domain client with Acrobat 6.0.6 and Acrobat Reader 9.  (The platform was recently re-installed from scratch owing to malware infestation and is now "pristine".)


      I discovered that if I install Acrobat Reader 8 PRIOR to installing Reader 9, PDF files will open in the browser windows.  BUT, if Reader 8 is NOT installed prior to Reader 9, the PDF file won't open and a commonly reported error message occurs.


      FireFox shows that when the viable installation sequence (as above) is followed, the Adobe Acrobat Plugins installed include support for mime types: pdf, vnd.adobe.pdfxml, vnd.adobe.x-mars, vnd.fdf, vnd.adobe.xfdf, vnd.adobe.xdp+xml, and vnd.adobe.xfd+xml.  If Reader 8 is NOT installed prior to Reader 9, only the pdf mime type.


      The PDFs that were the immediate cause of all this trouble were PDF forms with blanks to fill-in -- if that makes a difference.


      The symptoms are reproducible.


      Also, if you have Reader 9 installed and are experiencing this problem, simply uninstall it, install Reader 8, then install Reader 9.  The required MIME type support seems to be supplied by the Reader 8 installation and stays around when Reader 9 is installed.


      Hope this helps some folks.