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    How to make a noneditable Combobox?


      I was stunned to find my new application with 52 comboboxes all editable by default.  My customers went ballistic when they saw that.  Why aren't comboboxes non-editable?  I looked everywhere for the last 4 hours and couldn't find anything related to non-editable comboboxes.  Am I going to have to write my own custom combobox for that?  The reason why I use comboboxes is that I pull the data from valid value tables, which means only the data from the table is valid - adding new values at runtime is unacceptable.  I guess I could catch the event as they type and produce some error but I have to do it for all 52 components.


      Am I missing something here?  Does anyone know of a way to make comboboxes non-editable?