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    RAM preview needs 2 or more frames, I've got a clue...


      After struggling for half an hour or so, I think I'm on the right way to find a solution to this annoying problem. I'm using CS5 on Win7 x64 Ultimate. The problem is that AE cannot starts the ram preview: "after effects error: RAM preview needs 2 or more frames to playback". After having searched among several forums, I've tried all the tips suggested here and there: purged the cache, using a different codec for the clip I was trying to play back and so on., but no luck so far. I've also moved the Conformed Media Cache folders to another folder on my hard disk, thinking that the current ones were full or that maybe I could have some administration problem with those, neither this helped.


      Then I've started from scratch and I've discovered that for some reason if I have all the H.264 clips in my project, even if I was using 1 clip only (and it was converted to an AVI clip non compressed used as PROXY) than AE couldn't ram preview my comp. Now I've reduced the project and I'm keeping that clip only in the project and it seems it's working now.


      To add more oddness to the story, now it doesn't matter if I use the AVI proxy file or I do turn the proxy off switching to the H.264 file again. It seems it works either way.


      Hope this can helps somebody else who's struggling with the same problem...