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    Elements 8 Trial vs. the non-trial


      I have been looking for a good Video Editing Software for months now.

      I have used full versions of Pinnacle Studio HD 14 which is very poor.

      as well as others.


      Power Director 8 seems OK, but lacks features i need.


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      So to my Questions:


      I have tried using the Trial version of Premiere Elements 8 and have the following issues, are these just Trial Limitations

      - No 1080p for saving movies (USing .mts raw files) FXP/MXP

      - 1080i saves a video with black space on top, bottom, and sides

      - Background rendering is very slow. takes quite a while.

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      Is the Full Paid version alot better, because when I downloaded it, the page said Full Features, just limited to 30 days.


      I really like Adobe Products, I have been using since the old Macromedia days, I have used the following I had no issues.

      - Macromedia Flash Communications Server 1, and 1.5

      - Fireworks MX (Still currently use)

      - Flash MX

      - Flash MX 2000

      - Freehand MX

      - The entire Studio MX


      Here are my System Spec so we can eliminate that. Link to my system - http://williamwendland.com/PC.shtml

      - Canon Vixia HF M30 Camcorder

      - EVGA X58 SLI Motherboard

      - Intel Core i7 @ 3.4GHZ (Thats 8 Logical Cores) (4 Physical)

      - Corsair Dominator DDR3/1866MHZ x (6) GB

      - 3 GTX 285 FTW @ 720MHZ each in SLI

      - 3 Western Digital 500GB 16MB Cache Cavier Black Hard drives NON-RAID

      - Ultra X3 1600 Watt Power Supply


      I have also been looking at buying CS5, but if I cannot get Elements trail to perform, then its out of the question.


      So Ultimatly, if I buy Elements 8 / Plus will I get these issues.

      Sorry if I sound a bit irratated, but I need something that works. even at $800.00us


      Thanks for your replys, I really look forward.. Thanks..

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Although you apparently have not set up your Premiere Elements project correctly (You definitely should not be seeing letterboxing), yes, the trial is full featured and performs exactly like the final version except that the watermark is not printed over your final output.


          My Basic Training with Premiere Elements tutorials at Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com will show you how to optimize your experience with the program. Part 1 shows you how to properly set up a project.


          My books, available on Amazon.com and at the Muvipix.com store, will fill in any details.

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            WilliamWendland Level 1

            Is this where you set up the project?

            If so, I see no mention of 1080p.



            I signed up at your site, However there seems to be an activaton issue when r

            egistering, I recived the email, with no activation link.

            So I requsted the Activation email be resent, and it never showed up.


            Thanks, I look forward to watching your tutorial.

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              nealeh Level 5
              • PRE8 does not support 1080p, only 1080i
              • The letterboxing, as Steve says, will be down to an incorrect project setting.
              • No matter how powerful the machine background rendering is notoriously bad. Most turn it off and only render when they need to (e.g. to monitor transition effects).


              There is an anticipation that PRE9 may be announced in the next two months (although there is no cast iron guarantee that there will even be a new version this year). You may wish to hold off purchasing for a while. Who knows, if there is a PRE9 it may even support 1080p.


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                WilliamWendland Level 1

                Thanks very much.


                Yes the Letter box issue is fixed now.

                just as both of you recomended.


                As for 1080p I guess its not really a big deal.


                For some reason this software just seems very buggy, maybe its just me.

                I will evaluate the full 30 day trial before making my decision.


                I think I am going to try CS5 trial.

                Not sure it can be better then Premiere Elements 8 as far as video editing.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Please not that with the CS5 trial, things are a bit different, than with the trial of PrE. In PrPro, one has zero MPEG-2 support, and most other variations of MPEG are crippled, due to licensing issues with MainConcept. Nothing else is crippled, and there are no watermarks, but one needs to be aware of the MPEG limitation - that means little to no MP4, no MP3 and no MPEG-2 support, so no Encore, the authoring program, that ships with and installs with PrPro. Just so that you know and are not surprised.


                  Good luck,