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    How to reference Items dynamically placed within your application

      I have a panel titled 'xPanel' that contains 3 dynamically placed custom component ComboBox's.
      These three ComboBox's will often dynamically change so at any one point, its almost impossible to tell what custom component combBox is in xPanel... but, there will always be three of them.
      Now, lets say that there is a button, and when you click this button, it will call a function that will create an alert box that will print out the three labels of these comboBox's. Keeping in mind that the combobox's do not have an id, how could you get those results?
      Ideally I would like to reference these 3 combobox's as items within xPanel, such as this.
      xPanel.item[2].selectedItem.label //this would reference the 3rd combobox in xPanel

      This, of course, does not work...
      Any help is greatly appreciated.