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    Inbuilt Item Rendering inside DataGrid .

    kiran7881 Level 1

      Hi ,

      Please find the screen shot attached with this Thread .
      The data is been populated into the Datagrid from DataBase using ArrayCollection as DataProvider .

      Now i want to have Radio Buttons displayed at the begning of the each row of Names Column .

      When i tried to use , inbuilt itemRenderer as mx.controls.RadioButton ,  inside DataGridColumn  of 'Names' Column of DataGrid   , the Data appeared in such a way that all the Data inside the Names Column is repalced by showing only RadioButtons .

      Please tell me if this is possible using Inbuilt Item Rendering itself??(As Custom Rendering seems tough for me rigjt now )


      Or suggest me an easy approach , basically my requirement  is that i want to get the Selected Value Object into a function for doing Upadate and Delete facility .

      Please help


      Thanks in advance .