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    3D Rain

    ChanceDogUSA Level 1

      Hay Room,


      We have all seen the cool earth zooms that can be created with after effects. I was wondering if without plug ins, is after effects capable of creating the elusion of the camera pulling away from a building in the earth zoom fashion, while it looking like rain is passing by the camera? I have played with particle world a little but the effect wasn’t that good.


      Anyone had success with this kind of project and what did you use?


      Thanks in Advance



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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I should think CC Particle World should do you a good job, it just may take quite a bit of tweaking. What sort of look did you get when you were messing with it and what look are you after? Saying you tried, but didn't get good results isn't as useful as telling us (or showing us) what you got and explaining how it fell short for you.


          If you don't mind using 3rd party plugins, I've had great success using Trapcode Particular. I'm usually not a plug-in junkie, but I think it's a plugin everyone should have. Also, check out this beautiful tutorial Part one and Part two

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            red-mike Level 1

            You could have a "liquid" 3d ball act as your raindrop. You could trail it with a smaller one after that and a smaller one after that.


            Or you could use 3d planes, with raindrops falling. You could also do cross planes like + to great effect.


            Really however you go about doing it you need to be aware you will probably develop two to three different raindrop types. Ones for the background, one for closer to the camera, and one that goes right by the camera (if you want a clear shot of the drop).


            Of course, make sure motion blur is on.


            Have fun rendering!