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    AS3 get url with XML




      I have a gallery set up and would like to use a thumbnail as a rollover hyperlink.


      If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.


      Kind Regards, Damien



      My AS code is :


      // make the thumbnail clickable

      private function eableThumb():void{

      var len : int = thumbArr.length;

      for(var i:int = 0;i<len;i++){

      thumbArr[i].buttonMode = true;

      thumbArr[i].addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickThumb); 







      My XML code is :


      <gallery title="Home"> 


      <![CDATA[<body>Hey Kids, you can view the <font color="#333333" size="13px">Video Gallery</font> here. These are the featured highlights from the weekend. If you'd

      like entire colections please go to the <font color="#333333" size="13px">Download Section</font> tI semper eros ante eget leo. Maecenas lacus. Vivamus et risus. Sed at lectus at ante elementum bibendum.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed sit amet lacus vel mi dignissim pretium.</body>



      <image img="images/test/47.jpg" icon="icons/test/47.jpg" Url="http://www.blah.com" /> ></image>

      <image img="images/test/48.jpg" icon="icons/test/48.jpg"></image>

      <image img="images/test/50.jpg" icon="icons/test/50.jpg"></image>

      <image img="images/test/51.jpg" icon="icons/test/51.jpg"></image>

      <image img="images/test/52.jpg" icon="icons/test/52.jpg"></image>

      <image img="images/test/53.jpg" icon="icons/test/53.jpg"></image>

      <image img="images/test/54.jpg" icon="icons/test/54.jpg"></image>

      <image img="images/test/55.jpg" icon="icons/test/55.jpg"></image>

      <image img="images/test/56.jpg" icon="icons/test/56.jpg"></image>    

      <image img="images/test/57.jpg" icon="icons/test/57.jpg"></image>

      <image img="images/test/58.jpg" icon="icons/test/58.jpg"></image>

      <image img="images/test/60.jpg" icon="icons/test/60.jpg"></image>