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    Always "full length" context menu in the Flash interface.

    Rubén Santiago

      This is a question or maybe a feature request.


      When working inside the Flash application every time you right click an item the context menu appears, and when you are near the bottom of you screen and there no enough space for the contextual menu to fully deploy an arrow appears at the very end of the menu to indicate you it continues (in stead of simply deploy upwards). Now here is the problem: i'm used to the After effects interface and so i like to have the timeline sitting down at the very bottom of the interface, but then when I right click the frames to simply copy or paste keyframes (or whatever) i must navigate through a shortened-with-an-arrow context menu which it slowers my workflow a lot.


      It would there any chance to always have a "full length" context menu every time I right click on a frame?