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    Quicktime crashes Windows Projector




      I'm publishing a Mac and Windows Projector that uses Quicktime Sprites (DTS) in the main movie as well as MIAW's.


      Project created in Director 11.5 on a Mac.

      Publishing to Windows XP sp2, running Quicktime 7.6.7 (1675)


      It works perfectly on Mac but every time I run it on a PC it crashes as soon as the video starts/displays.


      I started with h.264 encoded .mov files and have since experimented with several other formats, including jpeg (.mov), mpeg (1, 2 & 4), Apple pros res 422

      (see: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2039953#2039953)


      I've also tried excluding all extras from the publish and including an Xtras folder containing all the xtras instead.

      (see: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/778/14b778d0.html)


      In every case as soon as the Quicktime sprite appears (and it does show it's first frame) the projector crashes.


      I've pretty much run out of ideas but desperately need to use the smoother and more advanced playback controls of DTS Quicktime (so flv not an option).


      Can anybody give a workflow, or encoding and usage technique that will stop the projector crashing on windows ??


      It's a single point of install (it's a kiosk only running on one PC) so could I use an older version of Quicktime ?


      Thanks for any help or advice,