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    PDF not printing all the iamges or backgrounds

    Kelemvor3333 Level 1

      I have a PDF document that has some various images and things on it.  Certain things are not printing for some reason.


      The specific information is I have a sheet of Guitar information.  On one page there's an example of a chord block.  The numbers showing what finger to put where shows fine but the actual gridlines that make up the strings and frets do not work.

      An example is this:

      http://www.freewebs.com/guitarlincs//Moveable%20Chords%20101/Major%20Barre%20Chord%20A%20S hape.jpg

      The numbers in circles show up but the actual lines do not.


      On other parts, whole examples of sheet music with bars and notes and everything just don't print.  They show up fine in the little preview window but not on the actual page.


      I found that if I set the "Print as Image" box, then it does print but it then takes 45+ seconds to process each page before it actually prinst which is not something I want to wait for.


      I'm not sure if these are setup as images or backgrounds or what in the actual PDF as I didn't create it.  Is there a setting to print backgrounds and things if that's what it is or is there any other setting anyone can think of other than the Print as Image option?