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    Flash Quiz  - Drag & Drop Default Error

      Greetings !

      I've come across a small 'flaw' in the quiz template:

      If you test(ctrl+enter) the quiz template and go to the Drag&Drop part (first question); you can see that you can drag all the objects and drop them on 1 target. I don't know if this is how it is supposed to be but this is a problem to my quiz app.

      I'm not that good with ActionScript and I don't want to mess up the default coding, so can someone please help me by altering the script so that it does not allow multiple objects to 'sit' on the target, i.e. it allows only 1 object on a target.

      (It's interesting how Adobe/Macromedia hasn't changed or checked the quiz templates in Flash Since Flash 6.)

      Praises and Thanks to all helpers !