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    Print Order?


      I often need to download 30-40 pdf documents to a single folder. I don't need to open them in reader, just print. The quickest way of doing this is to go to folder in Windows Exploer and right click on each document and click on print. I do this in a few seconds of quick clicking. The trouble is that I need them printed in the order I clicked on them and pressed print. But they are printed in a curious random order. This then takes ages to re-sort by hand. Why is this happening and how can it be fixed?


      Note that they are sorted and listed correctly in the Std Windows Print Queue but that they are not printed in the order listed.


      Please Help!

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Are you printing to a local printer or a managed network connected printer?

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            RebeckaS Level 1

            A local laser printer thats is plug direct to my laptop usb hole.


            Today I check what is happen. If documents are 1,2,3,4,5.


            I click them in order I want to print, 1,2,3,4,5.


            By time 1 is in printer buffer and printing I have clicked 2 and 3, it starts to print 3 after 1.
            By time 3 is in printer buffer and printing I have clicked 4 and 5, it starts to print 5 after 3, then 4, then 2.

            So the order is 1,3,5,4,2, but if I click faster or slower it will jumble the order even more, you can imagine what it is like when I have 30-40 to click on.

            Ie, it prints the document that has been in the print queue for least time.


            If they were single pages it would be an easier to sort, but these documents are a random number of pages from 1-12 so sorting takes ages as I have to make sure the pages are kept together in each document.

            This is not a windows problem. I have tested with text files in notepad and it prints in the order I click. (Ie prints the document that has been in the print queue for the most time.)

            One solution would be to click each one and when it is printing click the next one, but I like to leave it printing for 20-30 minutes and come back to it when it is done. Lots of other things in a girl's life....