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    Apply rollover and rollout effect for Button

    Flex Rock Level 1


            I have a button, I need to set the rollover or mouseover and rollout or mouseout of button with different colors.

      Give me  a sample please.



      Jayagopal P.S

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          Vackar Level 2

          Try This. Create a blank application, then add this. I haven't compiled it - just off the top of my head so it may contain some errors.

          Note: this is flex 3 syntax


          <mx:Button id="btn"
                <mx:State name="{state_normal}">
                     <mx:SetStyle target="{btn}" name="backgroundColor" value="#000000" />    
               <mx:State name="{state_mouseover}">
                     <mx:SetStyle target="{btn}" name="backgroundColor" value="#ffffff" />    
                    private static const state_normal:String = "0";
                        private static const state_mouseover:String = "1";
                     public  function handleMouseOver(event:MouseEvent) {
                           this.currentState = state_mouseover;
                     public  function handleMouseOut(event:MouseEvent) {                 
                           this.currentState = state_normal;