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    How to crop or mask vector graphic compositions?

    Monu Ogbe

      Hi Team,


      I'm loving Fireworks CS5, and want to take advantage the CSS & Images export features.  This, of course, requires that design elements fit into the rectangles to be used as the "div containers" and do not overlap them.  Often the original design of the element exceeds the dimensions of the container.  Is there a way to crop the composition?


      Here's an example:


      I want to add a bit of shadow at the ends of the rectangles below.


      Step 1:  I've created shadowy elipses to partially overlay the ends of the rectangle.



      Step 2:  I overlay the ends of the rectangle


      Step 3:  Now I'm stuck.  Can't find a way to mask, punch, or crop the resulting composition to produce a result similar to the "flattened bitmap" below.


      Can this be done?  It would be great if I could continue to edit the source components as vectors and didn't have to flatten to bitmap.


      Many thanks,