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    Equalizing in PRE8

    Nicomil2000 Level 1


      I would like to equalize the sound of some of my audio tracks in PRE8.
      PRE8 does not include a real equalizer. Are there some (affordable) plug-ins for PRE8?

      If not: what is the best alternative to adjust the frequencies with more sophisticated tools than what is available in PRE8 (it doesn't matter if it is a graphical or parametrical equalizer)?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          PrE (and PrPro) can use some VST's, many of which are EQ's, of all configurations. Some are free, but some are commercial. The difficulty will be to determine if PrE can use that/those VST(s). There will be little, if any, documentation, as most VST authors are shooting for the DAW market and the software commonly used.


          Now, there is a pretty easy option - the great, free audio-editor, AUDACITY. It is VST-compliant, but you MUST read the instructions to set it up for using VST's. There can still be limitations, as not all VST's will likely work in it, but more will, than with PrE.


          Adobe Audition is also VST-compliant, but is anything but free. However, it is an excellent audio editor, and oh so powerful.


          To recap, the use of various VST's in PrE = maybe

          Audicity, or Audition (or some others) = probable.


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Here is one site for some EQ VST's. Be very aware where you click, as the page is FILLED with all sorts of ads. You want to be sure that you are getting what you want, and not some software trial, scan or magazine subscription - look carefully, and read completely.


            Also, I do not know which ones will work in PrE, or PrPro. I would also advise reading this ARTICLE on VST's and your Adobe NLE launching.


            Good luck,




            PS - if you find one that you really like, and it works in PrE, please, please update your thread, so others can benefit. Thanks!

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              Nicomil2000 Level 1

              Hi Bill,


              Thanks for your reply.

              My first problem was: what is a VST? Well, I found it out by now. But as you can see, I am not used how to deal with VSTs.


              Your comments on VSTs sound a bit scarey for newbees like me. Nevertheless I tried to install the Graphical Equalizer from NewBlue -> look at here. After having installed it (trial version) I started PRE8. The first time PRE8 aborted. The second time I could start it. I searched after some indicies about this equalizer but I didn't find anything in the effects or somewhere else. I found a new directory in the PRE8-plugin-directory which seemed to be the directory where the EQ should be. But the directory was empty.

              Do you know this EQ? Should it work with PRE8? Where should it be in PRE8 (in the 'effects menu')?


              In your second post you mentioned a site where to find many VSTs. But you forgot to put the link,,,,

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Sorry about that. This LINK will give anyone else more info.


                I did not mean to scare you, but wanted to point out that some can get in the way with Adobe PrE and also PrPro, and this will manifest itself upon launching the program - usually. If you add VST's, and the program hangs on launch (often, you can see the little "progress line" of text in the Splash Screen), you can just uninstall the VST's.


                I do not know this VST from NewBlue FX, but some of their products come with the installation of PrE, so I feel that they are very trustworthy. Now, whether this one will function in PrE will probably be listed on their Web site, in the "compatibility" area.


                Good luck, and wish that I knew more about that particular EQ.



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                  Nicomil2000 Level 1

                  ....  a couple of weeks and many installations and uninstallations later ...


                  After having read a bit more about plug-ins and VSTs I tried to install the trial version of the audio equalizer package of NewBlueFX.

                  Since that was the first time I installed a plug in into PRE8 I was not always sure what I have to do and where I should see the effects.

                  Anyhow: after 4 or 5 reinstallation (unsuccesful) I sent an email to the support of NewBlue and got answers (even several times) what to do for the installation. But nothing helped: I never saw new audio effects concerning equalizing (even though I found some DLLs in folders which I think are read during the start of PRE8).


                  So I thought that some basic things I do for the installation are wrong (allthough I have no idea what it could have been). That's why I wanted to install another plug-in: I choosed free NewBlue-effect (CARTOONR ...  it's a funny effect!) to see if I have the same problems: this time I was succcesful. Unfortunately after a week this effect didn't work anymore. Maybe this is due to the fact that I continued several times to reinstall the equalizer-effects.


                  After all: I simply think that these audio effects don't work with PRE8. Unfortunately the NewBlue-support didn't give me a reliable information.


                  That means: I still haven't got a graphic-equalizer-plug-in for PRE8.... any idea?

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                    nealeh Level 5

                    Bill suggested you try Audacity. Did you?


                    Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children

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                      Nicomil2000 Level 1

                      Hi Neale,


                      My goal was to make the equalizing directly in PRE8 to avoid additional software (even if it is free).


                      In other threads I have seen that you answer to german questions.

                      Weil ich grad etwas in Eile bin, schreibe ich den Rest in deutsch.

                      Für die Produktion eines Videos würde ich am liebsten ausschliesslich PRE8 verwenden. Nun musste ich bereits einerseits DVMP (für die Korrektur von Aufnahmedatum/-zeit) und ScenAlyzer (für das Schneiden von MiniDV-Kassetten in verschiedene Clips).

                      Für das Equalizing wollte ich den Toncharakter eines Clips an den Toncharakter eines anderen Clips anpassen (gleiche Szene mit verschiedenen Mikrophonen). Ich werde es wohl trotzdem über Audacity machen müssen. Auf jeden Fall werde ich es versuchen.


                      Next time I will write in english again (as good as I can).