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    Internet Explorer Abort


      About 90% of the time, when I attempt to access a Reader document through Internet Explorer 8, the system opens a new tab, displays a message "Internet Explorer has stopped working" and gives me the option to search for a solution and close the program or close the program. Whichever I select, it attempts the recover the tab. I do see the document (usually), but I get the same message and the same results regardless of which option I choose.


      It will loop through this a few times before it finally returns to a blank page with the message "Website restore error"


      Sometimes it does recover the page after the first abort, but most of the time I cannot access the document.


      There are other instances when the PDF displays with no problem, but this is becoming rarer and rarer.


      Anyone have a solution to this problem?


      I am running Windows 7 Home Premium and IE 8.


      Thanks for your help.