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    how portable is flex




      I am still new to flex, one of the reason I learn flex is to be able to develop RIA web apps that can run on multiple platforms.


      Lately apple make a big news about stop supporting flash on their iphone, which I assume also apply to other mac product as well since they don't support flash on safari if I understand correctly.


      Since flex is essentially generate and run in flash, so if I develop flex apps is that mean mac users wont be able to use it? or is there around it.

      I also found from google that people saying some browser like opera doesn't support flash properly as well.


      So what is the best way to build RIA web apps to support and can run on multiple platform (flex or html 5 or other technology)?


      At the moment I am watching flex tutorial for building web apps, is there any tutorial or video that cover building flex for normal web (i.e pc) as well as to make it works on mobile device as well?


      Thank you in advance.



      - Haris -