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    Process initiation

    WASEEM Hamdan Level 1

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      We have scenario that process initiators are not really initiators.  I.e. the initiators are not supposed to submit the form, they have got to fill the form as draft and let their managers to submit the form to initiate the process.   After all,  Their managers must be initiators regardless whether they have filled the form or not.


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          $Nith$ Level 4

          Saved form (in draft folder) cannot be accessible by the managers. So I don't think your requirement can be accomplished.


          However, it is a general practise to have the Manager's approval before a form proceeds further. In this case, the user fill-in the form and submits which will reach the Manager for Authorization. If authorized, the workflow move forward or(if rejected) just completes. This might be a typical scenario for your requirement.



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            WASEEM Hamdan Level 1

            Hi Nith,


            thanks a lot for your update.  I will take your advice.


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