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    Tracking FMP with Tubemogul.com?

    Paras Sheth Level 1

      Hello all


      I just setup a free account with TubeMogul.com for tracking FMP(Flash Media Playback) player?


      I did pass all the necessary metadata for the plugin in the HTML code. But when I run the page I get 401 Unauthorised response (using charles proxy) for the actual plugin swf (http://load.tubemogul.com/bootloader.swf).


      Any idea why its doing doing that?


      I went back to TubeMogul.com admin panel but it doesn't appear to be tracking anything for me.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Derek Liu

          Hi Paras,


          Are you providing a playerID parameter to the bootloader.swf url?


          It would look like this, except the playerID would be your own.


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            Paras Sheth Level 1

            Hi Derek


            Thanks for the response.


            Yes, I am providing playerID with the swf exactly the way you are suggesting and it gives me the error as I described. I also tried providing playerID separately i.e. along with the other metadata informatio but still no joy!


            Please advise.





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              Derek Liu Level 1

              No problem, can you possibly provide a link to where your player is embedded so I can have a look at it?

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                Paras Sheth Level 1



                Here is the link. http://www.iris-global.com/fmp/index.html


                Thanks again.

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                  Derek Liu Level 1

                  So I actually don't see where you're loading the plugin or TubeMogul libs in my flash decompiler (although it might just be a limitation of the decompiler). If you're using a Strobe based player, you could just use the Strobe plugin from TubeMogul. It doesn't require any code inside your actual player and you can actually just plug it in through the embed code:



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                    Paras Sheth Level 1

                    Thank you for your reply.


                    As am sure you know that I have used Flash Media Playback(FMP) hosted by Adobe.


                    According  to the Adobe documentation for FMP, one can use any plug-in they want  by just adding plu-in metadata with the fmp swf hosted by adobe. And  that's exactly what I was doing. I was embedding FMP swf  (http://fpdownload.adobe.com/strobe/FlashMediaPlayback.swf) and  supplying plug-in metadata information, in this instance TubeMogul's  metadata.


                    Thanks for the link you sent me which I  didn't use before to generate my html code! I was just following  TubeMogul's documentation. But now I have realised that I was missing  some metadata like namespace etc.. which I have now found from  TubeMoguls's code generator.


                    I prefer to keep my plug-in details in an xml file so its cleaner. Here is what my configutaion xml looks like now.


                         <plugin     src="http://load.tubemogul.com/bootloader.swf?playerID=MY_PLAYER_ID"  src_title="TubeMogul" src_namespace_ns="namespace"  src_ns_title="Namespace Title">
                             <metadata id="http://www.osmf.org/plugin/metadata/1.0">
                                 <param name="id" value="1"/>
                                 <param name="namespace" value="TMParams"/>
                                 <param name="playerID" value="MY_PLAYER_ID"/>
                                 <param name="trackerIDs" value="MY_TRACKER_ID"/>
                                 <param name="debugOn" value="true"/>
                                 <param name="namespace_media" value="TMMediaParams"/>
                                 <param name="videoURL" value="FLV_URL"/>
                                 <param name="src" value="FLV_URL"/>
                                 <param name="publisherID" value="TestPublisher"/>
                                 <param name="videoID" value=""/>
                                 <param name="displayName" value="A Brilliant Video"/>


                    This is all very well and it does load the plug-in alright so we making a good progress here.


                    But, with two unwelcome surprises!


                    A.) Player does not appear straighaway.


                    I see some weird player for a minute or two and then the actual player appears! Bizarre!


                    So when I load the page I see this first for 60-90 seconds! I don't even know where this comes from!?


                    Picture 4.png


                    and then comes the actual player!


                    Picture 3.png

                    My internet connection is insanely fast as well.


                    B.) It still doesn't track!


                    I clicked on the video and it works fine i played it a couple of times and went to see the stats on TubeMogul's website and didn't see any reports there whatsoever. Unless TubeMogul is as slow as GA then it's a different story but if not then there's a problem with the fact that it doesn't actually track.


                    I hope I've explained everything ok.





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                      Derek Liu Level 1

                      Hmm...I'm not seeing that player switching behavior but that is weird. I noticed you were still using the OSMF type plugin so I switched it to Strobe which should work provided you have the correct strobe embed. I'd say try testing with the code that the embed code generator produces first then try formatting with your xml file to see if it's a formatting syntax issue or a TubeMogul issue. The Strobe plugin should work with the FMP player, I've just tested it on my end as well.


                      Here's a quick script I just tested that you can just insert into a page as a template. You can just replace the fields to what you're using.


                      <script type="text/javascript" src="scripts/swfobject.js"></script>

                      <script type="text/javascript">

                      var parameters =

                      {id: '1'

                      ,src: 'http://staging.tubemogul.com/static/inplay/docs/examples/86928000.flv'

                      ,src_title: 'TubeMogul'

                      ,src_namespace_ns: 'namespace'

                      ,src_ns_title:'Namespace Title'

                      ,autoPlay: 'false'

                      ,width: '600'

                      ,height: '400'

                      ,controlBarAutoHide: 'false'

                      ,controlBarPosition: 'bottom'

                      ,plugin_TMPlugin: 'http://load.tubemogul.com/bootloader.swf?playerID=P-9U1-8WD'

                      ,TMPlugin_namespace: 'TMParams'

                      ,TMPlugin_playerID: 'P-9U1-8WD'

                      ,TMPlugin_trackerIDs: ''

                      ,TMPlugin_debugOn: 'true'

                      ,TMPlugin_namespace_media: 'TMMediaParams'

                      ,TMPlugin_media_videoID: ''

                      ,TMPlugin_media_publisherID: ''

                      ,TMPlugin_media_displayName: ''


                      swfobject.embedSWF ( 'http://fpdownload.adobe.com/strobe/FlashMediaPlayback.swf'


                      ,parameters['width'], parameters['height']




                      ,{ allowFullScreen: 'true' }

                      ,{ allowScriptAccess: 'always'}

                      ,{ name: 'StrobeMediaPlayback' }



                      <div id="player"></div>

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                        Paras Sheth Level 1

                        Thank you for your reply.


                        I am sorry I forgot to mention that I already tried that.


                        I have copied your code exactly as is to a new HTML file and just changed the values of playerID etc.. and both issues I have mentioned above still remains.


                        Here is the new html url. http://www.iris-global.com/fmp/index2.html


                        I have double checked the playerID, trackerId etc values carefully so definitely there is no typo in there either.


                        Please let me know what you think.





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                          Derek Liu Level 1

                          So it looks like the player is tracking correctly now. You can verify this with firebug, you'll see traffic going back and forth between your player and TubeMogul. It usually takes around 1-4 hours for stats to show up in your dash but on the stats tracking front it looks good.


                          As for the weird player behavior, I'm not seeing that in Chrome or FF. What browser are you using?

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                            Paras Sheth Level 1

                            Ohh great! Finally can see some stats on TubeMogul for the video.


                            But, the weird behavior is still there.


                            I am using Firefox on Mac but tested on Safari as well. I also tested on IE on Windows and issue is still there!


                            Thanks for all your help.

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                              Derek Liu Level 1

                              Hmm, I see what you're talking about now. I'm not sure why this is happening, maybe you've got two player loads somewhere?

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                                Paras Sheth Level 1

                                No, I have only one instance running at a time although I don't think it should behave this way when you have more than one instance running.


                                http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHkrWtbku9U (screencast of the weird behavior)