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    I get type lag in Flash Builder 4

    GoodNewsJim Level 1

      I had type lag in Flex too.


      It is like 100-1000 ms lag after I type a letter.  If  I type a bunch of letters at once, they lag then all appear at once.


      I'm a VERY FAST typer and programmer, I need speed to keep myself focused.


      What could be causing this lag?  Could it be the autocomplete(which I don't use anyway) or something?


      MS Word or Notepad have no type lag, and I have a gaming computer I bought last summer for Starcraft2, so its not my computer.


      What are some settings I can turn off to get no type lag?  I'm 381 hours into a project right now, going to publish in a few weeks.  This isn't stopping me from programming, but I'd be much happier and more productive if I had no type lag.