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    Resizing div height using ExternalInterface makes window jump in safari

    andrewthorp Level 1

      I only notice this problem in safari, no other browser.


      My application loads in modules as it needs them and changes the height of the HTML div that contains the movie, I do this using ExternalInterface.call. (This is because scrolling in flex/flash is downright awful, I like the scrollbar in the browser to work).


      However, If I load in a module and inside of that module I change the external interfaces height, I find that the flash movie seems to jump down then jump back up about 150-200 pixels.


      I want the movie to just stay anchored to the top of the div, no matter what the size of the div is. How can I enforce that policy on the player?


      I have tried align: "t" and salign: "t" in the movies params, but I'm not exactly sure what that did as it still jumped down.