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    Change File Name on all open Documents?

    Norman Be Level 1

      Can a script rename all pictures opened from a Camera to lets say: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3 etc? The secuence should be on the stacked documents starting with the active document.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Document name is Read Only.  However you can duplicate the open document with the name you want and close the original open document nosave. The new document is not a file till it is saved....


          You can also just saveas the original document under a new name you want then it is both a file and in Photoshop under its new filename. The original file also still exists on disk but is no longer open in Photoshop.

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            Norman Be Level 1

            Thanks it works. Wrote an action with 3 pictures open using insert Menu Item "Duplicate" typed the new name "Picture 1" swiched back to the original and deleted it, then selected previous document and did the same typing Picture 2 and then the same for Picture 3. I do not need them to be documents, they will be inserted into selections and then printed. My next question will be: How to call up  Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3 if they are cascaded in random order.

            Perhaps with a Script?

            Will start a new discussion about this soon.

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              Muppet Mark-QAl63s Level 4

              Do you NOT have Bridge? I miss the point of opening files in order to just change the name or are you also doing something else while they are open? Bridge has a pretty good file re-naming function… And if I remember rightly it can be done in that photo import thing too…

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                Norman Be Level 1

                I do have Bridge and use it all the time as a catalog containing Backgrounds with one, two and three selections named Picture 1 , Picture 2 ...

                I let the customer select the desired Background and open it. Then I take 3 pictures rename them Picture 1 ..... and save them into a folder and close them.

                An action will open Picture 1 put it on the clipboard and closes it. The selection Named Picture 1 is loaded and the clipboard pasted into that selection. Next step in the action is opening the saved Picture 2 putting it on the clipboard and closing it, loading selection Piture 2 and pasting it into the selection. Same for Picture 3.

                This is the new workflow I am testing which works fine so far.

                Up to now I use 8x10 prints in a portfolio book and let the customer select the desired background then I take 3 pictures run an action which resizes the camer jpg puts it on the clipboard, closes it and opens the background, loads the selection and pasts the clipboard into the selection named Picture 1 and so forth.

                If more detailed info is desired I will be willing to provide it including some files, scripts and actions.

                I am using PS CS as a Special Events program far superior as Express Digital {PC} or TriPrism {Mac}