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    More proof Contribute is not important to Adobe


      Let's say someone wants to align an image to the left and wrap some paragraph text around it. You insert the image, right-click on it and choose Align > Left. The problem is that the text is now flush with the image. We need some padding here. So you right-click again and choose Image Properties... and add a value of 10 or 15 to the horizontal padding box.


      Nothing happens.


      You know why? Because for reasons passing understanding, Contribute applies that value to the "hspace" attribute for the image, which is deprecated and no longer recognized by Webkit or Gecko. Contribute's own built in browser, which is built on Webkit, doesn't even recognize code the program itself puts in. What the hell adobe? Are you trying to confuse my users? Because its working. Time to move to a real CMS I guess.