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    Multi-Level CFTree Problem

      I am working with using CFTree to create navigation from a database query for a site that will display documentation that is sorted into 9 different category types. The first level (only 1 item) drops down to 5 choices (works fine). On this second level one drops to an additional 5, the next two to 3, the next 2 don't have any children (again working fine). Eight of the third level choices have 11 children (all the same) and the last three have none (this level works fine as well). From here is where it starts not working. The 11 choices each have separate children (going down 2 levels) that need to appear. At the moment they are only appearing under the last occurrence of the multiple sets of 11. From the bottom of that tree there are 3 more levels that need to appear many times, and at the moment are only appearing on the last occurrence of its parent. Attached is the code that I am using to generate this tree. Is CFTree not capable of handling this many levels or is there an error in my code that I'm just not seeing. I have tested this on versions 7 and 8 with the same results.