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    Tutorial Windows != Mac Version

      This is a question for someone who knows the Mac version of the DMX suite, or who knows the French version of any of them
      I'm working through some web-based tutorials before attacking the supply of e-books that I have ready, and right now, I'm on this one.

      All was OK, until I got to the bit in the tutorial where it says, Before you can create your pop up menu, the image must be converted to either a "slice" or a "hotspot". Click on the image to ensure it is selected (surrounded by a blue line) hit "Insert" from the menu bar and click on "Hotspot".

      The problem is that I can't find an 'insert' menu, anywhere. Where is the 'menu bar' ? None of the menus at the top has 'insert' on them.

      Anyone able to help me find these things ?