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    Fitting browser window & "home" state




      So I have these two questions:


           1. Is there a way to make my flash content, when viewed in a browser, either prohibit the expansion of a window it is in or somehow make it so when the browser's window is expanded, the border surrounding my flash content expands with the window without having my flash content expand as well?

           (Ex: I have flash content in the middle of the page. A 100 pixel wide border is on the edge of the screen, about 200 pixels away from the flash content. When I expand the window, I want just the border to follow the window but keep the flash content centered.)


           2. I have been working on this project only for a couple days and all of a sudden the "home" state, the one which displays first when I run the project, is now the third state in my timeline on the top. It was always the first state on the top which showed first, but now it has changed. I have tried dragging the states but nothing has worked. Any suggestions?


      If any of this requires Dreamweaver I do not mind.