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    Adding video


      Using Premier 7 and have been adding media from a DVD to the project. The home made DVD has 4 files. I have added one of the files to the project in order to make some clips from it. The file when played outside of P7 is 20 minutes long as indicated by file properties as well as by viewing it in its entirety (entire DVD about 84 minutes). However when placed into the P7 and viewed for editing the file is only 76 seconds long. I click on "get media" and obtain the file either from DVD or from a folder on desk top where I copied the DVD. Either way it shows up within P7 as 76 seconds long, mising out on the portion I want to use.If I move to the 2nd, 3rd or 4th file, they do not start where file 1 left off. Once again the file in question does play video for 20+/- minutes outside of P7. Any ideas? I have viewed and edited 15-20 DVD's and not had this problem up until now? Have I clicked on a setting of some type within P7. Help this novice get a highlight video completed. Thanks..